Hi! Welcome to Leela Yoga!

Please read this before sending us an e-mail! If we have still not answered your question, please do e-mail us!


Do I need to bring a mat?

We have mats available to rent for 30,-.  If you are a member the mats are included in your membership.  We also have a variety of eco-friendly durable mats available for purchase, we proudly carry Manduka and Jade.


May I store my mat at Leela Yoga?


1 Month storage is 199,-

6 months is 600,-

12 months is 1000,-


Do I need to pre-register for classes?

Yes. As a member we ask all members to sign up for the class so you secure yourself a spot.


I am not a member, can I still come and take a class?

Yes! As drop-ins we ask that you check the schedule to see how many spots are available, and if there is availability please do come! Our morning and lunch time classes always have space, as for our evening classes just keep your eye out for the schedule and for availability. Drop-in are treated as a first come first serve basis.


Can I book classes as a drop-in or with my ukeskort?

No.  Only members can book. But you can always come when you see that there is availability!


How early should I arrive for class?
We recommend coming 10 min before class starts. This gives you enough time to change and set up your mat. If the class is fully booked we give away spots to drop-in students in the last 5 min for those who have not signed in yet.


I'm running late. Can I still come to class?
If it is during store opening hours call us and we will put a mat out for you! Once you have come please do so respectfully and quietly. If it is after store hours we unfortunately cannot accommodate latecomers. But please try to arrive fashionably early, be respectful to your fellow yogis, instructor and your own practice!


What if the door is locked?

If the door is locked and you are waiting to join the next class, we open the doors 10 min before your class starts! Just be patient :)

 What do I do if I am a beginner? 

Look for the classes that are light blue, these will be perfect for you if you have never tried yoga before. Don’t wear socks, you’ll slip, and don’t worry about being new, we all start somewhere! Yoga is supposed to be fun!


What do I wear to Yoga?

Try to wear something comfortable! Try to avoid compression running tights or anything with zippers and buttons. It can be nice with a light sweater for after the practice during the final resting pose!


Do you offer an advanced class?

Yes! Look for a class with the color dark green or purple. These classes are designed for students with a steady practice looking to dive into more advanced variations of asana and flow.  


Do you offer private instruction at Leela Yoga?

Yes, private yoga sessions can be booked with any of our instructors. Please email or call us for reservations.


I am pregnant, can I still do yoga?

Yes of course! If you are new to yoga we ask that you ask your medical provider first. If you had a regular yoga practice before getting pregnant, just take any classes that feel good to you! We have some expecting mothers who only take the active classes and some mothers who decide to slow it down. Listen to your body! Make sure you tell your teacher that you are expecting, so that they may assist you during class.


I don’t speak Norwegian! Do you have any classes in English?

We sure do! Kelsi, Kate, Krissa and Emese teach in English every week!


Are there any showers?

No we do not have showers, but we have changing rooms and cubbies to lock all your personal belongings in!


Is there parking available?

During the day Heimdalsgata always has some parking spots, in the evening and weekends you may just need to park a block or two away.


I’d like to apply for a job at Leela, where are your job listings?

Great! We are honored you want to become a part of our yoga family! We have all the teachers we need at the moment but we post any job openings on our social media accounts. You can always follow us on Instagram (@leelayoga) and Facebook (@leelayogaoslo)