Yoga for me: 

Yoga is the path to consciousness. It is the journey that we make from the self, through the self, and to the self.

First we breathe, then, through meditative movements of the body, mind and spirit, we discover what creative play life is. Life is both light and darkness and all the colors in-between. My Life is like an apple tree, some fruits are sweet, some are sour, some are bitter. i have discovered through internal practices and self love that its possible to make more sweet fruits.
Through time and practice we can discover hidden connections in our own being and we can discover connections with our surroundings. Yoga is union. We can experience how it is to walk the earth as whole beings. We can become better at mastering the gifts of love and the gifts of life. This is my hope and my intention. This is my practice and my prayer.


Sigurd is certified yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 15 years.
Sigurd teach classes, trainings, private lessons and workshops. Sigurd Yoga has done 1000s of hours of yoga teacher educations, workshops and yoga therapy in Anusarayoga Yinyoga, Ashtangayoga and Swarayoga/element. Masterdegree in communications and culture studies. and also 4 years acupuncture studies. He has an acupuncture clinique working with traditional chinese medicine.
Sigurdyoga teaches a free form of dynamic hatha yoga. Free of dogmas, strict rules, gurus, hierarchy or fixed systems or sequences.

The teachings is based 20 years of yoga practice, and on the principles of alignment, healthy biomechanics, nature, philosophy, evolution, modern psychology, traditional and modern medicine,  traveling, and inspiration from students life and teachers


Hos Leela Yoga underviser Sigurd i Anusara Yoga, Slow Hatha og Dynamisk Hatha Flow

Min morgenrutine: Står tidlig opp og lufter hunden. Så går jeg til yoga, enten som underviser eller som elev. 

Verden trenger mer: Stillhet og rettferdighet

Jeg tror på: Universets kreative kraft

Kjærlighet er: Å gi og å ta imot

Jeg kan ikke få nok av: Snø, ski,  turer i skog og fjell

Yoga er: Sat, Chit, Ananda. Som for meg betyr  Sannhet, bevissthet og lykke

I år har jeg lyst til: Å svømme fra Horten til Moss