WORKSHOP: Autumn Yoga + Movement Workshops



A journey of different styles and tastes in yoga, movement,

meditation, breathwork and creativity.


Date: Saturday 14 + Sunday 15 October

14:30-16:30 / Workshop 1 = Flow (spicy meatballs, dynamic vinyasa but chill)

10:00-12:00 / Workshop 2 = Restore (slow, gentle but mighty somatic explorations)


Autumn: the winds of change

After the outward and expansive summer season, we transition towards Autumn, a time of movement. Wind. Change. Introversion. Transformation. and possibility!

Where do we put our focus? This is something we will explore in our Autumn Workshops.

These sessions will honour the change of season, exploring how we can slow down and let go of the unhelpful stuff, and create opportunities for sustainable habits, rituals, goals to strengthen our practice. We use our focus to practice implementing balance, getting grounded, and cultivating energy stocks that can carry us forward towards the winter months.

As we leave summer, we have an opportunity to lay the foundations for what we want to build in the more introverted seasons. Time for self reflection. Slowing down. Taking stock. Harvesting achievements. And creating a realistic and sustainable practice to support us.

The workshop-series is designed to be taken as a package, but can also taken separately if you fancy.

Really hope this offering is useful and fills you with a fresh dose of inspiration, new energy - be that physically, mentally, emotionally etc.!

Each of the sessions will be a combination of Ayurveda-inspired movement and stillness studies, meditation and breath work, along with creative activities to inspire and delve a little deeper.


WORKSHOP 1= Flow (spicy meatballs, dynamic vinyasa but chill)

Although it's a spicy dynamic flow, it will be a slow, mindful, grounded and sustainable one, where you can set your own rhythm.

Expect to build heat gently and create space for your hips, shoulders and spine using standing poses, playful balance, some creative transitions and experiments in movement and ease - plus a lot of good vibes along the way.

We'll break down some shapes and tackle how to make them less intimidating and go a little deeper in how we can build strength and find our flow without rushing, forcing or pushing.

This session is suitable for all levels and you will be encouraged to choose your own mild and/or spicy seasoning in the practice, taking as many rests as you need and like or experimenting and exploring as you feel.


WORKSHOP 2 = Restore (slow, gentle but mighty somatic explorations)

Journey through a grounded, quiet, calm, relaxing and restorative self care practice. Feast on tools and techniques that encourage you to slow down and delve a little deeper into yourself, paying attention as you take a compassionate focus inward.

Reacquaint, explore how to come back to yourself and discover ways to maintain self care when we return to the outside world and move forward into the Autumn season.

A sumptuous and sensual journey exploring methods to nurture and support yourself with a feel-good full body mindful movement practice. This tends to be a deeper and more intuitive self study, combining movement and stillness.

More space, less tension, refuel and replenish.


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