WORKSHOP: Exploring Yoga Stability


Come join Meredith on the mat through her Yoga Stability 2 day workshop!

Yoga Stability is a practice that gives you insight and intelligence as to why certain yoga poses might feel amazing or certain yoga poses might hurt. Learn information about particular injuries and aches and soothing them with stability tactics. Explore a handful of stability tactics that will change your game. We will kick old habits and rewire, as we give our organs the space and efficiency they need. It's all about feeling good.

We will:

  • Explore familiar yoga poses.
  • Deconstruct 5-6 stability tactics
  • Learn to be dynamic and go two directions at once.
  • Clear all joint spaces.
  • Learn to work from the bones, versus the muscles.
  • Gather around and learn that we all have our own set of conditions to work with heaps of adjustments so that we can feel what it's like to go two directions at once.
  • You begin to see and hear differently when you practice from a stable approach. Information is gathered, applied and your life begins to shift. This practice is about having a well informed life.


Day 1:

11 November 14:30 - 16:30 : Cleaning it Up: Move with leverage versus effort.

Finding angles and talking about the differences of moving and setting up poses with bones versus muscles.

It's not about being too tight or too loose. Too flexible or too stiff. A shape is a shape and it all gets reconciled when form is formidable. You use something the proper way, and it will clean up. When a hand gets plugged in, a lung has the chance to open. This workshop is all about setting up familiar yoga poses in a more stable way.


Day 2:

12 November 10:30 - 12:30: Get Out of Your Own Way

There's so much to do once you are in a pose. We will learn to get off of ourselves and get over ourselves. So often we sit in our joints and energy and information becomes stagnant. We then begin to use compensatory skills. In this workshop, we will instead, learn how to provide ourselves with proper insight and potential, enhance efficiency of our bodies, and bring our second nature forward (insight, intelligence, skill and technique).

A good yoga pose. A good relationship. It all has the same demand.


Price for one day: 450,- NOK

Package price for both days: 800,- NOK

Leela Yoga Member price for both days: 700,- NOK or 400,- NOK each day

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*** No refund 24 hours prior to event start time!!! (Package price refers to start of day 1)